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Without something in the mouth that mimics teeth, a person can’t speak or chew effectively. For centuries people have used dentures to replace missing teeth. These false teeth have evolved over time, from animal bone hundreds of years ago to resin and porcelain today.

There are a variety of dentures to support any patient need. Whether you are missing all of your teeth, still have some, or need to have teeth removed your Clintonville dentist has a solution that will meet all your needs. Our full and partial dentures are custom-made every time. We use only high quality labs that make the dentures that look natural and are durable. Throughout the process we have several checks to ensure that the dentures are the right shape, color and size for a natural look.

Full/Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are necessary when a person is missing all of their teeth. These dentures cover the entire jaw (or arch) that is missing the teeth and often includes plastic that will extend over the gum tissue and sometimes the roof of the mouth. These areas of plastic are necessary in order to ensure that the denture will stay in as much as possible.

In some instances teeth are not gone but a patient knows that they will all need to be removed. In these cases a denture can be fabricated anticipating the removal of these teeth and can be placed when the teeth are taken out. This is called an immediate denture. After healing, a reline (reforming the inside of the denture) is often recommended for correct denture fit.

In either case dentures that connect to implants can be an option for patients who desire dentures that are connected to a permanent fixture in their mouth. Implants can make dentures more stable in many cases. Please ask your Clintonville dentist if you are candidate for implants and they can give you options that would work best for your mouth, expectations, and budget.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a replacement for missing teeth when there are still good teeth in your mouth and only some need to be replaced. A partial denture “hooks” onto the other teeth creating a more stable tooth replacement. In these cases the health of the remaining teeth is important as they will hold the partials in place.

Depending on the strength of the remaining teeth your dentist may recommend a variety of materials customized to your situation. If esthetics are a concern there are metal free options for a more natural look. As with complete dentures implants may be an option if a more fixed solution is desired. Ask your dentist how implants can replace a partial denture.

Trust Your Mouth to an Experienced Columbus Ohio Dentist

Dentures can change your life providing a solution to the embarrassment and frustration of missing teeth. There are several products available to meet a variety of needs. Our dentists provide a comprehensive explanation of your options to find the solution that is best for you and provide a customized experience for each individual case.

That’s why our Clintonville patients trust our skilled dentists at Capstone Dental. Our practice prides itself on making the latest advances in dental science available to Columbus residents.

Isn’t it time to eat, talk and laugh without the fear of people discovering your missing tooth? Contact Capstone Dental today about our denture options. Our dental office is conveniently located on High Street in the Clintonville area of Columbus, Ohio.

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