The Best Tooth Fillings in Clintonville Ohio

Fillings for teeth have come a long way over the years thanks to advancements in dental technology. Our Clintonville dentists use modern materials to develop tooth-colored fillings that are better than silver or gold. The resin used in our tooth fillings is incredibly durable, plus custom color matching will ensure your smile is as strong as it is unique to you.

What are Tooth Colored Fillings?

All types of dental fillings can repair tooth cracks and fractures, plus help protect your teeth from damage in the future. But tooth-colored fillings use strong, composite resin and offer the most benefits to people who need fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are aesthetically-pleasing and offer a tighter fit than older tooth filling materials.

Composite Fillings Procedure: What to Expect

To ensure the strongest bond with the tooth-colored filling, our skilled Clintonville dentists will clean your tooth so that the filling will correctly adhere to it. Next, the dentist will gently administer local anesthesia to the area so you won’t feel anything during the procedure. After that, we will trim your tooth to make room for your filling. Next, the dentist will choose a resin color that matches your teeth’s natural tone. And finally, the resin will be applied to your new tooth filling.

While you will be numbed during the tooth-colored filling procedure, slight discomfort may occur afterward, but typically goes away after just 48 hours.

The Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Sure, there are cosmetic advantages to tooth-colored fillings, but they also offer health benefits that traditional metal fillings don’t provide. The durable resin used in tooth colored fillings actually bonds to your tooth perfectly, making it stronger and less likely to crack. Our dental team will help you go metal-free with tooth-colored fillings that ensure your teeth remain strong, healthy and intact for years to come.

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