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Losing your teeth to trauma, age and decay can certainly be a nuisance when it comes to speaking, chewing and other daily functions. If you’re suffering from tooth loss, our Clintonville dentists offer bridge tooth replacement options that provide both proper alignment and restored tooth functionality.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A tooth bridge is a non-removable dental piece used to replace teeth that may be missing from your mouth. Dental bridges are made of two crowns that fill or “bridge” the space between missing teeth. They can also help to maintain the shape of your mouth and face.

Teeth bridges may be made of gold, porcelain, alloys or even a combination of these replacement tooth materials.  Our Clintonville dentists may offer you the option for porcelain dental bridges in order to restore your smile to a more natural state because it is the strongest of materials.

Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants

Dental bridges and dental implants offer some similar qualities and functions, but they are also quite different from each other.

  • Dental bridges replace and bridge gaps between your teeth by using your natural teeth as a foundation. These are typically more affordable than dental implants, but may not last as long.
  • Dental implants are replacement teeth and artificial tooth roots that are made of titanium and screw into your jawbone. The “root” holds a replacement tooth (or crown).

Durable Bridge Tooth Replacement in Clintonville

The skilled Columbus dentists at Capstone Dental use incredibly durable resin in our dental bridges to provide better strength than metal fillings. We even offer custom color-matching so no one will ever know you lost your teeth. Yes, we’re that good.

Schedule your consultation for dental bridges today and see how our modern cosmetic dental procedures are the best in Clintonville.  

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