Clintonville Local Business Spotlight: Lucky Dog Tee Shirts

At Capstone Dental, we love getting to know other local business owners in our Clintonville community. We started our “Clintonville Local Business Spotlight” blog series to highlight other locally-owned businesses that make Clintonville a great place to live, work, and play.

Lucky dog tee shirts local business spotlight

Clintonville Local Business Spotlight: Lucky Dog Tee Shirts

This month, we are excited to feature Lucky Dog Tee Shirts in our Clintonville Local Business Spotlight.

Lucky Dog Tee Shirts is a home-based business that makes custom designed screen printed shirts, apparel and accessories. They work with local businesses, fundraisers, schools, bands and more to provide quick turn-around at affordable pricing.

We reached out to Jon McKnight from Lucky Dog Tee Shirts to learn more about the company and why they love working (and living) in Clintonville.

local business spotlight lucky dog tee shirtsHow long have you been in business? 

Four years.

What made you choose your location? 

We are a home-based business.

Why Clintonville? 

Our business is geared to serve small businesses, non-profits, bands, and fundraising endeavors. I have lived in Clintonville most of my life, and Clintonville and the surrounding areas are rich with all of the above. The lifetime of relationships that I have developed provide us with a wealth of business opportunities. I truly love living in Clintonville and providing my services to the people and businesses in and around the area.

What makes your business unique? 

We are deliberately small, and plan to stay that way. This enables us to provide the following services better than a larger business can:
1) One-on-one service to our customers. A customer talks to one of only three employees. That employee is involved in every step of processing the order. Hands on, and accountable.
2) While we can handle medium to large orders, we can also handle very small ones. There is no minimum order required, and we love special requests!
3) Have a situation that requires immediate attention? Call me and I will be there in just a few minutes.
4) We do not aspire to grow much larger than we already are. That means we are focused on your order, and not on conquering the world.
5) I am involved in the community. I volunteer for events. I attend community activities. I am on the Board of Trustees of the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce.

What is your favorite thing about doing business in Clintonville? 

I am immensely familiar with the area. I know the people, the businesses, the schools, etc. If you’ve lived or worked here for long, we probably have friends in common. In a way, Clintonville is like a small town nestled in the middle of a big city. I’ve been here since 1967, and know both the small town and the big city very well.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to an aspiring local, small business owner? 

Be genuine. Do the right things for the right reasons. Get involved in the community. Have realistic goals and expectations. Be nice.

What are some of your favorite places to go in Clintonville? Local business or other. 

Whetstone Park and the Park of Roses
Smith’s Deli
Dante’s Pizza
The India-Oak
Brevoort Park
Walhalla Drive
Overbrook and Adena Brook ravine areas

Lucky Dog Tee Shirts is located at ​278 Northridge Road in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.